Polish Lowland Sheepdog

is the pride of our southern neighbours and it has got quite long history. PON is most likely descended from the asian sheepdogs. Although this dog has herding ability as other sheepdogs, it was used to protect shepherd´s dwellings more than herd the sheep. Nowdays it is used as family and companion dog. This dog adapts well to various climate. It is not a dog, that would appreciate staying in the cage. It needs intensive contact with its owner and loves when it can participate in family activities.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog is very pleasant, popular as companion dog and loving member of a family. PON can be well trained and adapts well to various situations so it is recommended even for new breeders. This dog is stable but also protects well thanks to his original character – warns his family when some stranger is comming. It protects well the house and its master and it can be distrastful to other people. PON has excellent memory and can be very obedient. This dog typically loves all family and is the happiest when they are all together. It is very good with children and loves them. Its character is also very playful and curious and loves exercise. Thanks to its generous temperament it is also used as companion for disabled people.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog is muscular middle sized dog with thick coat which is long and covers all body. The hair around its head covers the eyes and makes the typical fringe. It can be wavy and it has thick undercoat. Coloring may be different with markings. Grey, grey and white or black and white are the most common. The body is just off square due to the arched chest. The back is muscular. Limbs are strong with oval pads. Males are 45 – 50 cm (18 - 20 inches) in height at the withers, while females are 42 – 47 cm (17 - 19 inches). Males typically weigh between 40 - 50 lb, females, 30 - 40 lb. Its head is middle sized with big blunt nose. Eyes are middle sized, brown and very lively. Ears are heart-shaped and blend with head and cheeks. Teeth are strong. Polish Lowland Sheepdog lives on the average from 12 to 14 years.

Care about its hair
Long and thick coat may seem to be difficult to care about but it is not true. It is necessary to comb the dog regularly so its hair doesn´t get messy and wouldn´t make typical dreadlocks. Advantage of this occasional care is that you will not find any dog´s hair at home as it is common with other breeds. Lost hair stays in the undercoat so you always comb it out with brush. Sometimes when the dog scratch itself hardly, bunch of hair may stay on the floor but you can pick it easily and your home stays clean. We find it very practical to comb our dog in the morning just softly with brush that has long tips so she looks pretty during the day. Twice or three times a week we give her more attention with brush that is made for combing out all hair from the undercoat. It doesn´t take longer than 20 minutes. The hair that stay in the brush might be used for felting or making accessories from your own dog  We will gladly share our experiences with possible new owners. /Which cosmetics, brushes should be used, how to comb out undercoat so it doesn´t hurt the dog, how to prepare the dog for exhibition etc./

About nutrition
It is often said that Polish Lowland Sheepdogs love food and it is their passion. They will do anything to get it. It can be useful when you train the dog but on the other hand it is possible to keep regular diet. Our opinion is that dog who gets only dry food lacks joy of good smelling food, especially when it can smell our meal that we prepare for ourselves every day. That is why we recommend to give the dog various nourishment that includes fruit and vegetable. Considering that our Dowa has always had very sensitive digestion we tried many nutrition schemes. We will gladly share our knowledge with new owners.



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