Why polish lowland sheepdog?

When we were choosing new member of our family we had to consider many aspects.
We wanted friendly dog that is easily controlable even for new breeders. On the other hand we wanted a dog, that knows who his family is and doesn´t lovingly cuddle with everyone.
We also wished for a dog, that will enjoy long walks with us, but on the other hand it wouldn´t ask for trips like that every day and it will not suffer in the city.
Above all our daughter wished for a dog with long hair that she can brush and our mum wanted a dog that no one else has.
We also wanted a dog that is not too small nor too big. It seemed to be a very difficult task.
We were searching and collecting experiences from other breeders, reading online discussions and eventually – it is PON – Polish Lowland Sheepdog.
But there was the rub. We couldn´t find any Kennel Club in the Czech republic. We found one in Slovakia but there were no puppies expected anytime soon. Eventually we decided to go for Dowa to Poland. We were amazed with Kennel Club Dziechcinek and we recommend to check their website.
In any case PON fullfiled even exceeded our expectations.
Dowa was impressing everyone since the first time. People were stopping us in the street and even ran out of the shops to ask us, what breed it is.
When Dowa was three months old, she could make all day trip, but she wouldn´t protest to stay with mum in the office all day.
She learned all the basic commands in a very short time and even today she is very keen on training with kids their performance. We can walk with her through Prague without leash and she is able to participate in all family activities – except visiting aquapark 
Although she seems to be a big dog thanks to her fluffy hair, she weights only 20 kilograms. We can see that she is actually a small dog when we bath her and she is all wet.
We definitely think that Polish Lowland Sheepdog is not appreciated enough and we recommend this breed to everyone.


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Prague, Czech Republic